السبت، 4 أبريل 2015

The arrival

Here I supposed to start talking about my self and explain my self to you,but hell no I'm not going to do that at all .
All what I'm going to do is to discribe my whole world my life.

Podgoria, Arad 
Dec 2014
I went out for a walk after realizing that If I can't help my self and start by my self no body is going to help me,so I reached to this place and started to think about my life here in your country and what is the possiblilites for me to do and what I shouldn't do it was all in all like a journy to discover new side of my self and what am I capable of doing here.
So what I did is almost like coping what people does listening to them carefully trying to understand them but every time I though I almost got the point I found my self starting over and over and over again till I figured out that If I can't be my self I'm going to lose the track of who really I'm and the unique thing about me so I stopped but after I learned the lesson hard enough....
Here you go Podgoria it was for me like a fog from far away....

5th of April 2015